All about experiences!

Its all about experiences. 2 years ago, she was a materialistic 22 year old girl who loved shopping (still does but in different countries) and would spend money on stuffed toys, shoes and piles of clothes she is never gonna wear. 2 years later, at the age of 24, she has seen a little part of the beautiful world and grew wiser and worldly. She does not recognize herself anymore when she tries to remember who she was just a couple years ago. Her friends find her different and think moving to The States changed her, her parents think she has matured with age; but none of them know the truth.

The truth is she was lonely when she first started living by herself in a new country, halfway across the world, and she started loving herself. She became her own hero when things didn’t go as planned. So she learned to let go. She became her own entertainment when she thought she is getting bored. So she learned to laugh on herself. She became her own loved one to kiss herself goodnight each night she slept alone. So she learned to not be lonely while being alone. She became her own teacher when she didn’t understand something new in a different country. So she learned to be adaptive. She also became her own best-friend when she missed her people around herself. So she learned to appreciate them even more. She became so much in the 2 years of living alone abroad and traveling alone, that she could not recognize her old self when she tried to reminisce.

She could not understand how she became so strong emotionally and mentally; when just a couple years ago she was living under the shield of her over-protective loving parents in New Delhi. She tried to understand for herself, why she changed so much in the 2 years and her friends from back home did not. All of us have gone through the challenges of life. No one’s life is any easier. Then how does one change so much for the better, and some others remain mostly the same? What I could think of were – EXPERIENCES; PASSION & APPRECIATION FOR LIFE. Channel your experiences in the positive riverbed and you will love those experiences, your life and yourself. My hands won’t stop writing, so I have to say to myself – “Too much wisdom for 24 and it doesn’t suit you!”  Going back to relaxing, drinking and yessss sleeping and being the real 24.. zzzzzzzzzzz Wisdom time out!

Solo travel


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