I am a 24 yr old Indian girl who dared to step outside of her comfort zone and moved all across the world to The States. Living by oneself ignited in me a passion to travel, to see, to explore. In the beginning, I  hated living alone, away from family and friends back home. But it taught me the greatest lessons in life – to love myself and be independent, which in turn made clear of what I love the most in life – travel. I love traveling alone or with my friends. Despite all the concerns about a young female solo traveler, I love every minute of solo travel. It is just so liberating! I have traveled solo to Berlin, Prague, Paris and Hawaii. I haven’t been to a lot of places, but they are all on my list. I work, I save, I travel and that is how I fund my travel. I have moved so much in my last 3 years, that my friends tend to call me a “banjari”, hindi for a nomad. Well, I would admit I kind of feel proud of being called a nomad.

I love organizing trips and itineraries, so here is the platform where I will create free itineraries for you and do all the research for your upcoming travels. Comment below for free itineraries.

Solo travel


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